One of the first things any passerby will notice about your home is the garage door. This part of your home provides protection for your vehicles and your home against anything from intruders to the unpredictable forces of nature. It is also a great way to enhance the curb appeal of your property. For this reason, it’s important to ensure your garage door panels remain in excellent shape. One way of doing this is to seek out garage door panel repair in Houston when the need for this service arises. 

All About Garage Door Panel Repair In Houston

Understandably, you probably have quite a few questions about garage door panel repair in Houston. Luckily, you can learn more about this service by reading this blog. 

The Cost Of Garage Door Panel Repair In Houston 

The first thing you should learn about garage door panel repair in Houston is the cost. According to experts, the national average cost of a garage door panel repair is $500, but this service can cost as little as $250 or up to $1,000. At the end of the day, multiple factors impact the final total. These factors include the garage door material, the type and severity of the damage, the time it takes to repair, and others. Steel and aluminum panel repairs are fairly inexpensive, as they cost $130 and $150, respectively, and fiberglass panel repairs cost $160. Wooden panels are the most expensive to repair, at around $200. 

DIY Garage Door Panel Repairs 

There are some DIY tricks that can be used to repair garage door panels, but these tips are really only applicable to metal garage doors. For instance, if your garage door panel has a small dent, you can easily use a hammer to set it right. Another method utilizes suction cups to correct very small dents. The cups are placed on the dent and put pressure on it to straighten out. Finally, you can use a heat source and compressed air to fix small dents on aluminum garage doors. However, if the dent in your garage door is large, call the professionals for help. 

Garage Door Panel Repair vs. Replacement

Now, you might be wondering when garage door panels should be replaced and not just repaired. Garage door panels will need to be completely replaced if the damage is particularly extensive. Another factor that will determine whether your panels will need to be repaired or replaced is the cost. If it costs more to repair the panels, just have them replaced. 

The age of your garage door is also worth considering. More specifically, if your garage door is closer to the end of its lifespan than the beginning of it, you’ll ultimately save more money in the long run by replacing it. A panel replacement over a repair is also necessary if more than one panel is damaged. 

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Reach Out To The Garage Door Repair Specialist For The Best Garage Door Panel Repair In Houston!

Now that you know more about garage door panel repair in Houston, you can feel more confident knowing when to call for this service, how much it costs, and when you’re better off replacing the panels. Only one question remains: which garage door service in Houston provides the best garage door panel repair and replacement services? The answer to this question is the Garage Door Repair Specialist. Our technicians will be there right away to assess the best course of action to return your garage door panels to their former glory. All you need to do is contact us today, and we will be there to ensure your garage door is in working condition once again.