You are able to save time when starting your day thanks to a working garage door opener. Instead of manually opening your garage, pulling out your car, and then getting out of your car again to close it, you can just press a button or two and then be on your way. Of course, garage door openers are not immune to malfunctioning, so garage door opener repairs are inevitable. Keep reading this blog to learn about common garage door issues, repairs you can do yourself, and when to call a professional for garage door opener repairs.

Garage Door Opener Issues To Look Out For

Keeping your garage door opener in shape requires knowing what issues to look out for, so check out these signs that repairs are needed for this part of your garage door:

1. Malfunctioning Remote Or Keypad

The first sign of a problematic garage door opener is a malfunctioning keypad or remote control. Most openers rely on either or both of these devices to work optimally. Causes of this problem can range from dying or dead batteries to signal interference that requires reprogramming. As long as you have the right extra batteries on hand and access to a user manual, changing batteries and reprogramming can be easily done yourself.

2.Door Won’t Open Or Close

A more obvious reason to seek garage door opener repairs is if the door won’t open or close or takes longer than usual to open or close. The motor and/or circuit breaker could be the source of this issue, or maybe you have a manual lock for your garage door that you forgot to disable. You could also be dealing with dirty or misaligned safety sensors interfering with your garage door’s functionality. Don’t forget to also look for signs of obstructions in the path of your garage door.

3. Strange Noises

All garage doors make noise during operation, but has yours been producing sounds it usually doesn’t? Loose hardware, a lack of lubrication, and other maintenance practices are the most common reasons why you might be hearing strange noises from your garage door.

4 Tips For DIY Garage Door Opener Repairs

There are quite a few ways to approach garage door opener repairs. Here are a few instances where DIY repairs are possible:

1. Check The Power Source

You always want to start your DIY garage door repairs by checking the power source. Start by looking for the circuit breaker and resetting it. After the circuit breaker, inspect the motor. It might be burned out or need new batteries. If it needs replacing, call a professional for assistance.

garage door opener repairs

2. Replace Batteries

Speaking of batteries, take time to replace the batteries of any part of your garage door opening system. Hopefully, this quick fix will return your garage door to proper working order in no time.

3. Lubricate Moving Parts

Cleaning and lubricating moving parts can easily allow your garage door opener to return to normal operation. Springs, rollers, and hinges are the main parts that require lubrication with either lithium grease or silicone spray. Don’t forget to also clean the tracks in case there are any obvious obstructions.

4. Clean And Adjust Safety Sensors

Finally, the safety sensors are key to your garage door’s functionality. If the photo-eyes are dirty, go ahead and clean them. You should also check to see if they are properly aligned. You will know they are realigned when the photo-eyes turn green.

When To Seek Professional Garage Door Opener Repairs

While these DIY garage door opener repairs are manageable, it’s just as important to know when to call a professional. If parts like springs and rollers need replacing, for example, you should seek help from an experienced garage door technician. As for which garage door service you can trust, contact us today at Garage Door Repair Specialist for our excellent opener repairs.